Find out why our world class patented technology sets us apart

21st century efficiency

When compared to the traditional scanning method, Our hand 3D Laser scanners are exponentially more efficient, quick, cost-effective, accurate, and details

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Backed by science

The cast uses 100% FDA approved materials that have been bio-mechanically tested at one of the worlds leading universities ensuring superior quality you can trust.

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21st century design

We believe casts don’t have to be dull or ugly.
That’s why we envisioned a sleek, stylish design that’s lightweight yet robust.

A cast that allows you to live life to the fullest.

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21st century Practicality

Don't let injuries hamper you lifestyle. A cast that allows you the freedom to go about your daily activities.

Waterproof, comfortable and easily cleanable

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The new standard

We produce our casts from a variety of materials based on the amount of flexibility and support needed for the patient’s specific injury and their lifestyle

Our 3D printing technology and creates a better custom fit.

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21st century Convenience

The Radiolucent design gives the ability to MRI, CT or Xray through without loss or fixation.

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Hassle Free

Our breathable design eliminates itchiness and odor caused by generic casts. Our casts are also hypoallergenic and have a quick release temper for easy removal.

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What we're good at


Our patented design is the next generation of cast.


Each cast can be customized in multple different colours as well as a name engravings.

Backed by science

100% FDA approved materials that have been bio-mechanically tested at one of the worlds leading testing facilities.


The most aesthetic cast on the market, making injuries more stylish than ever before.


Our Lightweight materials allow you to live your life to the fullest without being bogged down.

3D printed

Our 3D printer technology reduces human error and ensures a 100% custom fit.

Quick and easy

Ordering a cast is as easy as taking some pictures and filling in a form. 3D digitalization of the arm or other body part is done in under a minute.

Breathable materials

The casts design and materials allow for airflow which completely reduces discomfort and odor that is characteristic of generic casts.


Waterproof materials allows for easy cleaning which means you can still be adventurous without having to worry about damaging the cast.


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