The casts of the future today

Designed by orthopaedic surgeons


Ordering is as simple as uploading a few pictures, and your Custom 3D printed perfect fitting cast should arrive in no time.


We believe casts don’t have to be a pain; that’s why our casts are comfortable, lightweight, durable and waterproof.


All materials are FDA approved and have been clinically tested, giving you reliability you can trust.

3D Printed

Our 3D modelling technology allows for a 100% custom fit and reduces human error.

The new cast on the block.

A cast for the 21st century
Comfortable, breathable, lightweight, durable and waterproof.
Less than 5 seconds to remove.
No more cast saw!!!
Robust by design
Radiolucent design. Can MRI, CT or Xray through without loss or fixation.
Sleek, stylish and Modern
3D digitalization of the arm or other body part in under a minute. Virtual modelling of the cast or splint with customizable designs.
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