See why our casts are making waves

We make healing fun!

Healing doesn’t have to be the worst part anymore, with our innovative, one of a kind cast design, you’ll receive the best customised fit for you. Dimension Orthotics is giving you the healing process you need, both physically and mentally.

No sharp edges, as well as smell proof, itch and sweat proof.

Comfort and healing aren’t usually terms that go together but we’ve changed just that with our innovative cast, its breathable qualities and lightweight design are life changing, you’re likely to even forget that you have it on.

21st century practicality

No more need for complex procedures, with 3D virtualizaton of the injured body part in meer minutes. And not to mention no more need for a dreaded cast saw, our casts can be removed and put back on in seconds.

You can live stress free knowing our casts are 100% FDA approved and tested in one of the nations leading facilities. Our casts are also covered by most insurance companies nationwide and are fully reimbursable

A cast that lets you do it all!

With our comfortable, lightweight, durable and waterproof design, there’s no need to put an end to doing the things you love, with our evolutionary cast… You really can do it all!

Keeping you in the game!

Is water sports or activities your escape? Not to worry… with our casts waterproof features, there are simply no limits!

You can swim to your heart's desire and not have a worry in the world about the effects on your healing process.

Live Free with DImensionCast

Are you a lover of the outdoors? No problem… with our innovative cast design, you can live as freely as you did before, with a recovery process that compliments your everyday lifestyle.

Get your cast today

Ordering a cast is as simple as taking a few pictures of the injured area and sending it to us, and your cast will be delivered to you in no time.

You can create an account with us and we will give you updates on your cast until it reaches your door
Or if you prefer you can find a registered DimensionCast physician near you to get you fitted.

"I can live my life and do my work despite my injury!"

John (Surgeon)

"This is not our first cast but now we can bathe, travel, and scratch as much as we need to."


"A broken arm doesn't have to end my summer."


"I can still go to swiming class!"