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A cast that lets you do it all

A cast should not restrict you.

With our customized revolutionary cast design, the opportunities are simply endless. Our team is composed of surgeons, therapists, and clinicians who are fed up with using outdated methods and materials for our patients’ casts and splints.

Free from the restrictions of standard casts, our sleek yet durable design is waterproof and breathable to ensure maximum comfort during the healing process. At Dimension Ortho, we will help you live life to the fullest despite your injury.

Quick and Easy

STEP 1 Scan

With a less than ten second scan, we collect data on the injured limb.

STEP 2 Custom 3D Design

We then create the custom cast design in just minutes.

STEP 3 Custom 3D Design

Finally, we print the custom designed cast. Our efficient, patented production process is that simple.

STEP 4 Cast Fitting

In a few short minutes, we apply the 3D printed cast to the injured limb creating a happy customer

Why chose us?

Lightweight & Stylish

The cast is fully customized to fit you. Our sleek yet durable design allows you to live freely.

Comfortable & Convenient

The breathable cast provides optimal comfort. The material is radiolucent and the cast can easily be fitted and removed in seconds..

Waterproof & Safe

The waterproof casts are made of 100% FDA approved materials that have been bio-mechanically tested in one of the nation's leading research facilities.

Worried about the cost?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our custom casts are covered by most insurance companies.



All you need to do to get started is register your patient accoount on the form below and you will be in our system. From there will be granted access to your personalized Patient Dashboard and also place an order for a custom 3d-printed cast.
Receive top-class support if you ever need it during your time wearing Dimension Casts. Our support team are here for you when you need it.
Gone are the days where you need to stock up on skewer sticks to scratch your itch underneath that nasty old-school cast. Actually enjoy wearing this futuristic 3D-printed cast while you are forced to recover.

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